The 2010 World Community Film Festival arrives in Terrace this Friday September 17 to what we hoped will be a packed theater.

The posters are up, the word is out and all we have to do is press play on the DVD player come Friday night.  The first film being shown, "Land of Oil and Water" was selected as our headline screening because of its relevance to our local community and region.  As people's land vs. commercial and industrial development come head to head more and more, individuals look for whatever outlet they can access to get their stories heard.  Speaking directly to those who will be negatively or positively affected by development helps to balance the glossy, corporate public relations fueled hype generated by companies to sway municipalities, governments and people in their favour.

More often than not when the microphone is turned to the people, the question becomes -- "Development at what cost?".  After the resources have dried up and the multinational corporations leave our communities, what is the environmental and social legacy left behind?

Join us this weekend as we ponder these questions and other global development issues at the second annual traveling World Community Film Festival.


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