Our volunteer group has had two planning meetings so far and it's hard not to get excited as we look forward to the event in the fall.  Up to this point, selecting which films to screen in Terrace has been the hardest part.  The selection of the fifteen films to be shown was determined by a vote.  It was certainly sad to see some of the titles drop off the list.

The films that made the final cut will be compelling, eye-opening and bound to generate some conversation after viewing.  We are discussing the idea of having "break out sessions" or facilitated talks after the films to encourage some meaningful dialogue in our community on the topics each film address.

We have also decided to take the "Social Justice Bazaar" held during the 2009 event and re-named it the "Fair Trade Fair".  This event will occur at the same time as the film festival, on Saturday, and in conjunction with the films that are likely to have the biggest draw.  These powerful films will undoubtebly motivate some people to take action and work for change locally and globally.  The vision of the Fair Trade Fair is to link interested folks with local service clubs, not-for-profit organizations, and businesses that are working for positive environmental, social, economic and cultural change in the work that they do for our region as well as internationally.

Circle the September 17-19th on your calendar and join us for a weekend of inspiring, independent film.  Keep an eye on this blog for updates and news about the festival and films to be shown.

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