2013 Traveling World Community Film Festival - Fest Blog
We were once again at the Saturday Market in Terrace, promoting the festival. A little crispy these days but it was nice to get new emails and folk interested in the event. Look for our billboards next week!
We need your help. Whether through promotion, word of mouth or by attending our meetings, any help is welcomed. Please contact us through terracefilmfestival@gmail.com
hello everyone! We are back! Please check out the film descriptions and the Voting area to select your favourite films. We will tally the votes by mid September and return with a schedule. There are many amazing films this year with topics that can only touch the heart. See what moves you and select it. Simple!
We had smaller crowds than our opening night on Saturday but the turnout is similar to the crowds we've had in previous years.

The feedback we received on the evening films were that they were so much better produced than the two films that we showed on Friday night.  This evening we featured the two films, Schooling the World and Laughology.  It felt nice to end Saturday on a lighthearted note after so many hard-hitting documentaries during the day.

We're looking forward to Sunday's lineup of films which feature two films on issues of sexuality (Two Spirits and Topp Twins), water rights (Water on the Table) and household environmental pollutants (Chemerical).

Please leave us any comments or suggestions you have about the festival and how we could improve the event.  We look forward to hearing from you.
We were bowled over by the attendance numbers at the Festival last night (Friday).  It was amazing to not only see all of the seats in the theatre filled but to have more and more folks pour in and take extra seating where they could.

What this means to us is that we have the support of our community; that there are folks out there who find the topics addressed as interesting and moving as we do; and that we will be able to raise enough funds to host the festival again in 2012.

The best 'challenge' we could possibly ask for is having to brainstorm a bigger venue location for next year that will suit our festival.  One of the topics that is often brought up in Terrace is it's lack of a community space - and it is very evident when planning events!

We would like to thank all of those who supported us last night and we look forward to Saturday and Sunday.  We hope to see you there!
We would like our event to be a sell-out success this year (who doesn't want this for their event?) - but we need your help!  While we're putting up posters, tweeting and blogging, we need your help to let people know about our little festival.

You can... follow us on Twitter @terracefilmfest
You can join our Facebook group
Or tell your co-workers, family & friends

And don't forget to buy your tickets at Skeena Diversity!
This year we're trying out a new feature by offering another convenient way to purchase your event tickets by using an online ticketing service called Eventbrite.  The reason we chose Eventbrite is that it offers a secure webservice to process credit card payments for a small fee.  To check it out, you can click on the "Tickets" tab and follow the link, or head to terracefilmfestival.eventbrite.com.

Don't worry though!  Tickets are still available for purchase in-person from members of the World Community Film Festival organizing committee or at the offices of the Skeena Diversity Society at 4617 Lazelle Avenue in Terrace (beside Northwest Specialty Foods and Wine n' Suds).  Please bring exact change for your ticket purchase.

Anyone who has planned an event in Terrace knows that Terracites are notorious for purchasing their event tickets at the last minute - our film festival venue has limited seating (58 seat capacity), so please consider getting your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.

If the event is a sell-out success, we will consider moving to a larger venue for our 2012 festival, but we certainly like the atmosphere of the Skeena Junior Secondary School Drama Room.  If you haven't been there before, you're in for a treat.  The small venue is well appointed with comfortable theatre seating and a nice, big viewing screen.  They also have their very own old fashioned popcorn maker too!

The 2011 Film Schedule has been finalized and is posted on the "Films and Schedule" tab.  Be sure to check out the movie trailers and note the films that you don't want to miss!
Preparations are underway for Terrace's third annual World Community Film Festival.  The organizing committee is in the final stages of setting the schedule for November's event, and as usual, it's been a difficult task selecting from so many high calibre, independent productions.

Look forward to a line up of positive, uplifting films but also selections of thought-provoking movies that shed light on social justice and environmental issues.

In previous festivals, we noted that after many of the films, festival attendees wanted to discuss the powerful topics of the movies once the credits started to roll.  This year we aim to create a 'coffeehouse' area where people can gather after the film to informally chat and find out more information on the current developments happening on the topics highlighted in the films.

Stay tuned to our blog, website and Twitter feed for more information and updates as we count down to the opening night on Friday November 18!
The 2010 World Community Film Festival arrives in Terrace this Friday September 17 to what we hoped will be a packed theater.

The posters are up, the word is out and all we have to do is press play on the DVD player come Friday night.  The first film being shown, "Land of Oil and Water" was selected as our headline screening because of its relevance to our local community and region.  As people's land vs. commercial and industrial development come head to head more and more, individuals look for whatever outlet they can access to get their stories heard.  Speaking directly to those who will be negatively or positively affected by development helps to balance the glossy, corporate public relations fueled hype generated by companies to sway municipalities, governments and people in their favour.

More often than not when the microphone is turned to the people, the question becomes -- "Development at what cost?".  After the resources have dried up and the multinational corporations leave our communities, what is the environmental and social legacy left behind?

Join us this weekend as we ponder these questions and other global development issues at the second annual traveling World Community Film Festival.
The Terrace World Community Film Festival is three weeks away and the excitement among the volunteers is palpable as we start to put up posters and really push getting the word out to the community.

Being a non-profit organization, it is tough to get as much promotion as possible - for free!  We've done this by taking advantage of some traditional forms of advertising, poster, word-of-mouth and local event calendar listings; but have also included setting up a Facebook event page.  It seems that despite technological advances that seem to increase our interconnectedness, sometimes "old-school" forms of event advertising are still the way to go.

We hope that those who attended the film festival last year will have enjoyed the event and return again this year, as well as tell their friends and family.  Although September is a busy month for a lot of families with kids going back to school, we've picked a date later in the month hoping that schedules are in full swing and people have the opportunity and time to catch the event.

The films being screened are meant to be challenging, thought-provoking and inspiring.  Although in the past the audience has been made up of adults, the films are mostly rated "General" and some with "Parental Guidance" for scenes of violence and are suitable for children depending on the comfort level of the parent.  Because they deal with real and sometimes difficult subject matter, it can be helpful to talk with children about the content and message of the films.  A lot of times these global issues really resonate with young people and they want to act and do something about it to make a positive change.

Although young people are sometimes the most idealistic of us, we anticipate that a lot of people - no matter their age, will come away feeling more informed and inspired to create a positive impact on society in their communities at home and at large.

We hope that the festival will be a welcoming environment for people of all ages and look forward to seeing you soon in a theater seat over the September 17-19 weekend.